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What is in the index?

Records of 74,433 obituaries from newspapers published in Sanford and Springvale (York county) Maine since the 1890's.

This site will tell you if an obituary exists for an individual and where to find it in our newspaper archive. Each record in the database contains Name, Age, Newspaper, Publication Date, and Page Number.

Full-text obituaries published after 1951 are NOT available for reading online.

For 1951 and earlier, a full-text, searchable archive is available here.

This index is maintained by the staff of Louis B. Goodall Memorial Library. Indexing of obituaries is an ongoing project, with new records added monthly.

What newspapers are indexed?

NewspaperLibrary HasIndexed Here?
Journal Tribune1977-present: microfilm
(originals of last two years)
Sanford Star1977-78: originalsYes (†)
Sanford Tribune & Advocate1925-77: microfilmYes
Sanford Tribune1900-24: microfilmYes
Springvale Advocate1883-85, 1887-95,
1908-09, 1911-12: originals
1889-91 only

(†) Sanford Star obituaries have been indexed only if not appearing in the Journal Tribune.

What newspapers are not indexed?

NewspaperLibrary HasIndexed Here?
Sanford News1980-present: microfilm
(originals of last two years)
No (†)
Sanford Weekly Ledger1893-94: originalsNo
Sanford Siftings1888-89: originalsNo
Sanford Herald1884-85: originalsNo
York County Advocate1882-83: originalsNo
Sanford Weekly News1880-83: originalsNo
Springvale Reporter1876-79: originalsNo

(†) Sanford News obituaries are typically duplicated in the Journal Tribune. So a comprehensive indexing of Sanford News obits has not been undertaken and is not planned. We will index Sanford News obits whenever we are made aware of one not in the Journal Tribune. These are usually brought to our attention by individual researchers.

How do to I obtain a copy of an obituary?

Online newspaper archive to 1951 with full text search capability.

SELF SERVICE (at the library): The library has a microfilm reader for public use. Print-outs are 25 cents per page. See our homepage for hours and location.

LIBRARIAN ASSISTED: Library staff will look up an obituary for you. We can mail you a printed copy, or send a scan to your email address.

Our fee for this service is $5.00 for up to three obituaries, plus $1.00 for each additional obituary as part of the same request. (The fee is the same for either method: email or regular mail.)

Payment may be sent by check, payable to:

Goodall Memorial Library
952 Main St
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or through our Paypal account:

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